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What is the average interest rate on an installment loan?

online installment loans instant approval *cannot be guaranteed range from 6.63% to 225%

Loans from a state that has no restricting laws or loans from a bank not ruled by state legislation may have an even higher APR. The APR is the rate at which your loan accumulates interest and is dependent on the amount, cost and term of your *loan, repayment amounts and timing of payments. Debtees are legally required to show you the APR and other terms of your loan before you initiate a loan agreement. APR rates can be changed.

What Can an Installment Loan Be Used For?

The most common reason people take out an installment loan is when unforeseen expenses arise. This could be, let’s say, the need to fix a car or pay for medical treatment. Many people use an installment loan when they don’t have enough funds for a specific need, such as a down payment on an expensive purchase. Some people use this type of loan to pay off credit card balances or to consolidate debt. In short, how you spend the money given to you depends on your decision.

What is an Installment Loan?

An installment loan is an agreement or contract stipulating a loan that is paid off over time through a certain number of expected payments. Usually, the loan is paid off in a minimum of 2 payments. The term of repayment can range from several months to 30 years. An example of a type of installment loan would be a mortgage loan.

This concept is most linked to classic consumer loans that are issued and processed on the spot and repaid over a long period through planned payments of the principal and interest. Such “installment loans” are recognized as safer and more affordable than title, and also compared to open-ended credit, for example, credit cards.

In 2007, the USDOD released installment loans from legislative prohibitions against predatory lending to military staff and their families. The report recognized the need for security of access to favorable installment credit while shutting down less secure types of credit.

Exploring the Evolution of Installment Loans: A Historical Perspective

Lending has existed for a very long time and in various forms. The payment of interest on loans in installments can be traced as early as the VI century B.C. in such old contracts as the well-known contract for a loan dated by ~550 B.C.

A type of installment agreement, different from a loan, is the purchase of durable goods on credit. Such a process is most often referred to as “installment sales” rather than “installment loans”. In 1807, installment sales of durable goods were first offered in the USA by Cowperthwaite & Sons, a furniture shop that started operating in NYC. The store soon began providing clients with installment loans for the buying of furniture.

In the next few years, the installment plans described began to be used by furniture retailers in other cities in the United States. The most famous installment plans that the Singer brand used to finance the purchase of sewing machines were extended from 1850. After that, other companies began to use installment payments. In 1899, more than half of the furniture companies in Boston began using this type of loan. Near 1890, installment loans were frequently used to finance sewing and washing machines, radios, refrigerators, phonographs, vacuum cleaners, jewelry, and clothing. By 1924 about 75% of cars were being provided on installment loans.

In Need of Direct Lender Installment Loans for All Credit Types? Here’s What You Need to Know

At PDLoans247, we provide transparent, flexible and fair short term loans you can trust. We do not issue the older traditional installment loan with restrictions and risks. When you choose PDLoans247, you can receive the following benefits:

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Online installment loans instant approval *cannot be guaranteed

Exclusions. The service advertised and informed about falls within a ban in New Hampshire, West Virginia, Arkansas, New York and Vermont.

APR Disclosure. Before sending a request it is essential to clear out the moment with APR. It’s not the same and depends on several factors:

For states with Limited APR the figures are the following: installment loans (6,63% – 225%), consumer loans (4,99% – 250%), cash advances (200% – 1386%). As far as unlimited APRs goes the figures can differ and be larger as they are not controlled.

Material Disclosure. Loan amounts offered by debtees:

A final loan amount a borrower can account on depends on several things:

Which means that final total can be in step with the wished amount or less. 100% approval cannot be guaranteed. The decisions are made in accordance with the results of verification. Soft credit check is performed. As far as duties goes, the website itself is not engaged in decision making process and cannot be characterized as a lender or broker. All we do is matching and advertising.

Credit Implications. The loans are considered to be short-term. It’s a bad idea to use them for paying off long-term debts. If a clients fails to pay off there can be implemented collection activities.

Alison Bennett
Alison Bennett is a licensed Loan Officer working in PDLoans247 for over 3 years. She has been in the loan industry since 2004. Alison makes sure that all aspects of the client's collaboration with PDLoans247 are handled with the utmost professionalism and personal approach. She understands that the borrower needs to trust a loan officer fully when making a financial commitment, and she's doing her best to make it possible. Considering each client's interests, Alison assists them through the process without the hassle and offers the most favorable loan solutions. Expertise: Payday loans, Emergency loans, Mortgage
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Which type of loan would be a perfect match for me?
Alison Bennett
All in all, the total number of loans types is approximately 8. They differ in purposes of taking and offered amounts. So they can be secured and unsecured, car loans, business loans, home loans, payday loans, personal loans, student loans, and debt consolidation loans.

The difference between secured and unsecured loans.

If you take a secured loan, you must leave collateral. It can be, for instance, a house or a car. It is a kind of warrant for a creditor. He or she would keep collateral till your last pay-off. As soon as the taken loan amount is paid off completely, you are given back collateral. Correspondingly, if the loan amount is not paid off, collateral is not given back. The positive thing about this loan type is that you have more chances for approval. The reason is the confidence of a creditor that the amount would be paid off, or he or she has a right to keep the collateral. What concerns unsecured loans it doesn’t need collateral, but you have fewer chances for approval as creditors would carefully study your income and ability to pay off.

Car loans

The loan is taken for buying a new car. The loan amounts and terms of paying off should be discussed with your creditor. Usually it takes from 1 to 7 years to pay off the taken amount.

Business loans

The loan type is aimed at small business. Such loan types are to be paid off within 5- 25 years. The interest rate is non-negotiable.

Home loans

They are taken to buy a house. The loan amounts and terms of paying off should be discussed with your creditor.

Payday loans

They are comparatively small in amounts ($100-$1000) and to be paid off till the next paycheck. They can be taken for almost all purposes.

Student loans

They are given to students. The loans can be used to cover tuition fees, living costs, and other education related issues.

Personal loans

You can use them for different purposes (weddings, funerals, travelling abroad and so on). This type belongs to unsecured loans.
Debt consolidation loans
This type will help you to kill two birds with one stone. You’ll pay out your debt, plus it won’t have any impact on your credit history.

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