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I am a finance-focused Management graduate with a specialization in finance, bolstered by over 40 certifications in various domains such as finance, marketing, blockchain, psychology, and philosophy. With over 5 years of experience as a ghostwriter and copywriter, I have crafted compelling content on stock and financial markets, technical and fundamental analysis, cryptocurrency and blockchain, personal finance, investment vehicles, financial industry knowledge, accounting, and budgeting. Additionally, I have leadership experience in cultural and IT roles from my undergraduate studies and have worked as a strategic consultant and business development associate for three restaurant and café chains.

Education Background

I hold a degree in Management with a specialization in finance. My educational journey is further enriched by more than 40 certifications in finance and related fields, which have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of various financial concepts and strategies.


I have over 5 years of experience in creating content for a global clientele, including blogs, articles, product descriptions, and Ebooks. My expertise extends to stock and derivatives trading, where I apply my financial acumen daily. Raised in a family of realtors, I have a keen understanding of real estate finance. My role as a strategic consultant and business development associate for three restaurant and café chains has honed my skills in financial planning, analysis, and strategic decision-making.

Professional Qualities

Personal Qualities


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I am enthusiastic about connecting with industry professionals worldwide to explore collaborative opportunities and contribute my expertise in finance and strategic consulting. My diverse background and commitment to delivering genuine financial advice make me a valuable asset to any organization.

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