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Cookies and advertising

The way website visitors scroll our website pages, read our e-mails and use the website in other different ways is gathered by our third-party collaborators and us.  The procedure is done automatically.  A device used by a certain visitor and searched information by him or her are taken into account.  The purpose of such practice is to offer our clients a better customer experience.

How does it work?  Foremost, cookies helps us to identify our permanent clients and new. Besides, cookies are used to store users’ passwords, to monitor one’s behavior (the websites and platforms you visit, the kind of information you are keen on). 

The gathered information is given to third-party collaborators.  Their purpose is to adjust the advertising to your needs. The purpose of targeted advertisement is to supply visitors with a useful advertising and hide standard ads.  As an example of how it works, there can be mentioned Google Analytics. 

You have a right to switch off the option, if you don’t want us to gather the information about you. It can be done even automatically by customizing.  But there’s one thing that you should take into account.  Blocking or rejecting cookies in some cases can stop you from getting access to certain websites. Some cookies are a must to get access to a website.  No permission, no access. 

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Security Information

Pdloans247 pays much attention to personal data security of our clients. These days not everyone tend an issue to this aspect. But it is of great importance to be confident that your information is stored in a safe place. Those who are concerned with the security of personal information shouldn’t worry if you deal with pdloans247. It is one of our prime goals to secure personal data of our clients. 

Giving definition to Security Information

There exist two notions: security information and cybersecurity. They shouldn’t be confused. It is not one and the same thing. Security information (SI) is an integral part of cybersecurity. Every company concerned with the aspect of security should mind about infocrime defence. There should be created a special system which is considered to be a set of guidelines and processes used to help companies in case of information spillover. If there occur situations like that it is necessary for an organization to have a plan how to handle with a certain problem. 

Our security

Pdloans247 use all the possible methods to secure our clients’ personal data. To achieve this goal numerous software and ways of protection are used. For example, we opt for Encrypted Servers. They are used to prevent data leak.  As pdloans247 receive such important data as banking or account information, it is vital to protect them. 

Another method we use to protect information leak is identity checks. For instance, some creditors can inquire information about one’s employment, banking and place of living information. To verify the information presented they can contact your company. By doing so they prevent swindle. 

One more method is to have an active e-mail and a phone number. The main aim of this method is not just to connect our clients, but to confirm that he or she is the person we deal with. A client can receive a security code via e-mail or SMS. In some cases it is impossible to complete the process of application without the security code sent to e-mail, for example. 

Please, be very attentive. Don’t give a chance to swindlers get access to your personal information. Remember that pdloans247 never will ask you to share with us the following information: 

Besides, you’ll never be asked to load your money on a prepaid card. Don’t give way to frauds. No money is needed to consider your application.

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Debt-Collection Scams

Swindlers can pretend to be the representatives of pdloans247. You can get illegal and fake debt collection communications via e-mail or messages. Remember that we, pdloans247, don’t practice it. Such fake messages can contain: 

What should you do? Never panic, don’t pay attention to such calls or messages. Even if there happen to be information leak there will be used other ways to inform you. Not the ways we’ve enumerated before.

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Loan Scams

Quite often swindlers can pretend to be the representatives of pdloans247. You can be asked to load money on prepaid card or to send payments by using MoneyGram or Western Union, to pay a ‘fee’ in advance and alike. There can be even used our pdloans247 logo and postal address. Please, don’t give in. Pay your attention to the following:


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