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How to make money online if I don’t know where to start? 

Everyone who wants to make his or her life better from time to time think about additional sources of money making. There can be enumerated lots of ways of doing it for students, maternity moms and working people aimed at involving more finance into their budget. Money answers all things. If you have it, you can solve lots of troubles and challenges in life. Though, the proverb says that happiness can’t be bought, money plays a significant role in our life. One of possible ways of improving your prosperity is to make money online. 

Fresh statistics on how many people are involved in money making  

According to the prognosis of specialists, the number of people who will use online shops will increase. So there’s a grain of reason to invest in online money making. The table below illustrates the tendency of involving more consumers: 

Year The amount of consumers
2020 2,37 billion
2021 2,48 billion
2022 2,56 billion
2023 2,64 billion
2024 2,71 billion
2025 2,77 billion

The statistics has been taken from https://www.oberlo.com/statistics/how-many-people-shop-online and https://firstsiteguide.com/online-business-stats/. 

Will it take long to get into online business? 

It should be said that disregarding which way you have chosen, it always will be a trial and error path. The process is not as fast and easy as it may seem. It needs careful planning and analysing mistakes. Quite often you can come across tempting ads that promise you proven schemes of how to make money online. In this situation we can give you one piece of advice – don’t lose your head. People who promise you so-called ‘cloud-free life’ and high living without a short time span thanks to their scheme, will only improve their quality of life by turning you to their advantage. Instead of spending money on unnecessary shadow schemes concentrate on the following:

Advantages and disadvantages of making money online 

Advantages Disadvantages
The rapid growth of online consumers;
The location of your office can be at home;
Flexible working hours;A good variant of a side job;
Endless opportunities offered by Internet; 
Minimum of Digital literacy is enough to start;
Isolation which leads to lack of social interactions. People may feel lonely;
Bad impact on eyes and sleep caused by long sitting in front of a PC;
Scammers are ready to steal your money.  

Ways to protect your online business from scammers

  1. Monitor your business transactions;
  2. Never give third parties your personal information;
  3. Use password securities;
  4. Install programmes aimed at identification and prevention of scammers’ attacks;
  5. Contact Customers to Validate Purchases.  

The guide with ideas to start making money online

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Become YouTube star

You can short funny videos, makeup reviews, video games reviews and add ads to involve bigger cash flow. All in all, in this sphere you can choose the following paths:

Use your talent, likes and spheres of interest to improve you financial standing. 

Go through online surveys

You can participate in online questioning, experiments to get bonuses and exchange them into money later. One thing is to be taken into account – different websites have their own prices and bonuses for accomplishing the tasks. 

Use a blog as a source of money

According to the statistics 85.7% of bloggers earn income from keeping online diaries. Bloggers use various ways to monetize their resources. Advertising networks (including contextual advertising) and branded or sponsored content are among the most popular of them. Bloggers also engage in consulting and organise paid speaking engagements or marathons.

Consider Teaching online 

If you are a teacher, you can independently package your expertise into a training program, develop video lessons, engage the audience and promote your product.

Opt for E-commerce 

If commerce is your thing, try opening an online store. E-commerce is growing at a furious pace, it’s time to join the topic. Create a website on a constructor, a popular engine or CMS, find suppliers of goods, register a sole proprietorship or LLC, connect an online cash register, organise delivery.

Offer useful services for people

If you develop an online calculator, virtual fitting room or interior design builder, you can earn good money too. A creative idea, investment in a website with the required functionality is everything that is required. 

Use Telegram to make money online 

On Telegram channel you can earn in several ways: advertising, selling goods, and brand promotion.

Create a channel in Telegram, gather a base of subscribers. Regularly post content that is useful and interesting to the target audience.

Encouraging summing up 

Thousands of people take risks and try to make money online. For many of them it’s not just a job, but something that can bring satisfaction. To become successful in this sphere it is necessary to bear in mind the following:

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