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How to receive small loans

There are many options to get a loan, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you urgently need money for unforeseen expenses, it is necessary to understand what exactly a small loan is and what it can be spent for, how to get it and what to focus on. We will tell you about this and much more in the following text.

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What is a Small Loan?

Nothing precisely regulates the limitation on the sum of a small loan, but it is generally accepted that the amount is supposed to be $3,000 or less. Such loans are personal loans, usually designed to cope with extraordinary situations, such as hospital bills, car repairs, house maintenance, or everyday household expenses.

With a lower sum, it may be easier to obtain and repay a loan. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find a loan with attractive terms. The fact is that certain financial entities do not give such loans because small loans are not so profitable for them.

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How do small loans work?

The principle for these loans is similar to large loans. You find a suitable lender and apply for a loan. The lender reviews your application and checks to see if you meet their requirements. If you qualify, the lender offers you a loan at a certain interest rate and provides you with the money. 

The only difference between a small loan and a regular loan is that the annual interest rate is usually much higher. This means that even if you request a lower sum, you will have to repay the higher sum.

small loans no credit check *cannot be guaranted range from 200% to 1386%

What Can I Use Small Loans For?

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A loan can be spent whatever way you want, but it should be seen more as a temporary and emergency measure. You must be prepared to try to repay it as quickly as possible to free yourself from the debt. 

Such a loan you can consider if you have an unexpected expense, say, your car broke down, you need to fix it, and you are still a week away from your next salary check or, for example, retirement payment.  

Typically, small loans are characterized by high-interest rates, so they are not suitable for long-term loans.

Several Options to Get a Small Personal Loan

  • Online lenders. Many of them provide unsecured small loans that you can use in any way you want. It’s usually not difficult to check whether you are entitled to such a loan. If you meet certain requirements, it can take a maximum of a few working days from the time you fill out a simple application form to the transfer of the requested sum to your account
  • Some banks and credit unions. Some of such institutions allow you to apply online but demand you to visit the physical branch prior to giving you money. Some of these institutions also offer alternative loans that offer a way to borrow a small sum of money, even for those with bad credit histories
  • Peer-to-peer lenders. These are online lending services that match lenders who lend money to borrowers. They usually provide low-interest rates and a fast application process
  • Friends and relatives. Borrowing money from people you know can be a suitable option. To avoid damaging personal relationships, you should be sure to sign an arrangement that specifies how and when you have to repay the loan
  • Pawn loans and title loans. A small loan can be obtained against the collateral of any valuables. You should be careful, however, because this kind of loan usually carries a high-interest rate, and you will lose your valuables if you are unable to pay back the loan
  • Payday loans. This option is suitable for very small amounts ($500 or less), but the large fees make it quite expensive. This option should be considered only if all other options do not suit you for some reason
  • Installment loans or lines of credit. Certain lenders provide installment loans or credit lines with high-interest rates (60 to 199%) or high fees. Although such loans are less expensive than payday loans, they should be considered as the last option because a high-interest rate means that they are extremely challenging to repay

How To Apply For a Small Loan?

You can apply for most small loans online through the service in just a couple of minutes. There are several requirements for borrowers, which vary from lender to lender, but the basic qualifications remain the same. Your age must be over 18 (both for women and men), and you are required to have a verified U.S. address. You may also be asked for proof of stable income and a credit check before you will be approved for a loan.

Can I Obtain a Small Loan with a Bad Credit History?

It is still possible with a bad credit rating, there are even lenders that specialize in borrowers with a bad credit history. However, you will likely be required to pay a higher interest rate in this case, or you will be offered a much smaller amount than a borrower with a high credit rating.

Other options include borrowing the money you need with confirmation of your solvency at the expense of collateral, like your car or house. You can also ask a relative or friend to guarantee that he or she will pay your debt if you are unable to do so yourself.

Is It Possible to Get a Small Loan for an Unemployed Person?

It is possible under certain conditions, although it is quite complicated. If you do not have a steady job, you need to prove that you have other sources of financing from which you can repay the debt. This can be, for example, income from self-employment, various benefits, pensions, maintenance payments, and so on. However, you should be prepared to be offered higher interest rates if you don’t have an official job.

How Soon Will the Requested Amount Be Provided?

If you apply through the service, you can expect to receive the requested amount no later than one business day from the moment of application approval.

Remember that credit history is extremely important, so the decision to obtain a loan should be taken very responsibly. If you are unable to make future payments on time, you may have a lot of troubles, no matter which way you choose to get the loan.

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