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Payday loans have become more and more popular lately. The most convenient way to get such a loan is through the Pdloans247 platform. We are not direct lenders, our goal is to find the most suitable lender for each borrower. With us, the whole process takes a minimum of time and requires almost no effort from the customer. All you have to do is fill out a simple application form.


Question: What requirements do I have to meet to get a payday loan?

Answer: Be prepared that different lenders can set their terms to the borrowers. However, the list of main requirements remains the same:

  • age 18 and above (loans to people under 18 are prohibited in the US);
  • legal residency status in Maine (you will need to provide a contact address);
  • a stable official income of at least $1000 per month (so the lender will be sure that you can repay the money you borrow);
  • a phone number and an e-mail so that you can be contacted;
  • no armed forces membership.

You may also be required to provide some personal information such as your social security number, name, information about your job, and so on.

Question: Is it true that I can get a payday loan online without a credit history check? I have seen such offers from other payday loan services.

Answer: It’s nothing more than a commercial trick. The fact is that all self-respecting and trustful lenders are always checking the creditworthiness of borrowers. But we can say that the check will be quite simple compared to the loan in the bank.

Do you want to get a certain amount of money in Maine to solve your financial troubles as soon as possible? Contact our managers right now, submit a simple application for a payday loan, and get the money within one day!

Payday loans ME range from 200% to 1386%
Installment loans range from 6.63% to 225%


How to get a payday loan in ME through the service?

1 Decide on the amount you need

2 Spend a few minutes on filling out the application form

3 Your request will be approved as soon as possible

4 The money will be given to you within one banking day

Pdloans247 – convenient and safe way to get a payday loan ME

Sudden financial troubles can damage the life of absolutely any person. Traditional ways of getting money in such cases are to borrow from family and friends and to borrow from a bank. But these methods are not suitable for everyone: not all people want to involve friends in their money problems, and applying to the bank requires compliance with strict conditions and wasting a lot of time and effort. However, there is a quick and comfortable way to solve money problems in Maine – payday loans.

ME loans no credit check

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