For a layer of population which is acknowledged as physically challenged a governmental support is introduced which presupposes the maintenance of financial aid. For getting the aid an individual is to comply with a range of criteria. To be officially ‘proclaimed’ as a challenged person there are no limits in age. But there are other pitfalls which shouldn’t be neglected while making an attempt to get the aid in a form of money. 

Disability benefits definition

Loss of health enables an individual to be identified as a disabled. Such category of people is financed from public or private sources called disability benefits. Disregarding his or her age an individual having a kind of ill health has a right to aspire to disability benefits.  This category also includes families who bring up a physically challenged kid. Until a child reaches 18 the category is supported . 

Disability benefits: what categories of diseases allow to be financed?

Disregarding age and sex, but having serious health complications makes it possible to be officially ‘proclaimed’ as a challenged person.   Adults as well as children (so called disability payments childhood) may be supported if they have something out of the list. The list of diseases which 100% allows to be registered as physically challenged is placed below: 

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Disability programs for adults

There have been introduced 2 disability programs for adults: the SSDI program and the SSI program. It is essential to know the differences between them before request. The SSDI  program is based on work credits, the SSI program in its term – on limited incomes. Besides, the SSDI presupposes quite serious health complications for getting approval. 

Governmental help presupposes financial aid and support for the category of people who are bringing up challenged kids. Every family can find an alternative of such aid. In some cases if a parent has already had problems with his or her health plus a challenged kid it multiplies the amount of aid.  

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Disability benefits for children

Such families can opt for the following kinds of aid:

  1. SSI supplies such category of population with monthly payments. N.B.  It works only for families whose budget is limited. The amount of payment is not the same in all the states. It can vary. In some states the benefit is added to federal payments. But what concerns such states as North Dakota, Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi the benefits are not supplemented. 
  2. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a good alternative for penurious families. The assistance is temporal. 
  3. Children’s Health insurance program presupposes total health coverage for challenged category of kids. For example, health screening or dental care. 
  4. VA Pension for who took part in hostilities and have challenged children. The payments are made for former combatants automatically, but if such person has a challenged child the pay-offs will be enlarged;

*The list with the benefits for children is not complete. The programs as well as sums of repays are dependent on a place you live. 

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What should be done to apply for SSD? 

You can do it by making a telephone call, by paying a visit or Online. The most convenient option is Online. Visit an official page of Social Security. Fill in the letter of request. Wait for the answer. To fill in the application form Online there should be given the following details:

For more details, please, visit SS official page. 

How to calculate disability benefits

There are several parameters to consider. Mainly, your disability benefits shouldn’t excess 80% of your average earnings before you’ve been registered as a disable person. If the bottom line is more than your average earnings in some states the exceeding amount is taken from your SSDI benefits. In other cases the excess amount can be trimmed from another category of payments.

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Disability benefits denied

Not enough evidence or not complying with the criteria set by legislation is the basis for denial.  In this section the cases when denied for disability is outlined. 

Not enough ill health proofs as the subject to disability benefits denied. 

This criterion plays a significant role in the process of acquiring the financial aid. There should be enough proofs from the medical prospective. If due to some circumstances an individual fails to present the proofs there can be organized a kind of health screening. A doctor is hired and comes to your place to check your medical condition. Based on the check a decision is made: to register a person as a disable or not. Not complying with the criterion is the basis for benefits appeal denied

A subject to disability benefits denied: not enough details about work experience

You are to present work history which bears witness to the fact that you’ve worked before loss of health and paid payroll taxes. 

The income which is not low enough is the subject to disability benefits denied.

SSI benefits were crafted for those who cannot boast high income. If a person with strong earnings applies for SSI benefits he or she gets disability benefits appeal denied

N.B.  if person’s income is more than $1500 per month he or she automatically gets SSI benefits denial. If the income is more than $740 per month he or she loses a part of  SSI benefits. 

Remaining cases which presuppose disability benefits denied.

  1. SSA cannot reach you; 
  2. You’ve committed a crime and being convicted; 
  3. You’ve been involved in swindling;

N.B. If you don’t agree with the SSA decision you can always reach out to a lawyer. It can give you another chance to testify that you are a challenged person  and apply for disability benefits again.

SSI amounts for 2023

The monthly maximum Federal amounts for 2023 are $914 for an eligible individual, $1,371 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $458 for an essential person. Source:,%24458%20for%20an%20essential%20person.

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