According to the recent statistics provided by the American Fair Credit Council, these days many citizens of the United States undergo a debt crisis. It is stated that national credit card debt is more than $1 trillion.  Besides, the current situation is getting worse.  That’s why, in a situation as it has developed, debt settlement can become a good alternative on the way to one’s financial freedom. This program will help many Americans to make their financial position better. Today, Americor helped more than 200,000 Americans to get rid of their financial burden. Everything can be done online!

Identifying Americor

It’s a company of a new generation aimed at helping people to pay only a part of their debt.  Besides, Americor restructures payments in such a way that it takes less time to pay off the debt. 

The key features of the company:

  1. Staff they can boast as it contains more than 500 qualified team members. 
  2. Debt Relief Programs contain lots of variations aimed at helping to get rid of debt burden. Addressing to Americor you can count on financial consultation, debt settlement, and credit counseling.  At first stage there will be estimated the overall situation and debt type to handle with.
  3. Americor has been included to the top 25 of Inc.’s 5,000 list.
  4. Service first.  The initial aim of Americor is to assist in debt settlement. Money for the service is paid after the fullfilment of the service.
  5. Transperancy. The users of the service can track the way the process of debt settlement goes. 
  6. Accreditation.  Americor has accreditation from reputable organizations including the American Fair Credit Council, Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau and IAPDA.

The scheme of Americor service 

  1. Consultation. The first step to follow is to go through the consultation at no cost.  It will help you to understand what to anticipate and the way the process is organized.
  2. You join the program.  If you are satisfied with the details of the service or program you’ve learned after the consultation, you can join the program. At this stage, you are to give details related to your debt.  Based on the details, there will be developed and offered a program to you how to handle your situation.
  3. Payments for Americor. You’ll pay a certain sum of money every month.  The amount is needed to engage in talks with your creditors.
  4. Negotiations. Representatives of Americor will start the negotiations wth your creditors to find the best option for you to pay. After the negotiations, you will know the results.
  5. Payment.  Americor will use the amount you’ve paid them before to pay it off to the creditors. At the same time, your monthly payments to Americor shouldn’t be stopped until the whole amount of your debt won’t be paid off.
  6. The end of the program. You’ve covered all your debts. Now you can start with building your credit.

What are the nuances of paying for Americor service? 

It is stated that the company doesn’t take money for the service until the debt is paid off. Only then a person will be charged for the service.  Besides, the program doesn’t presuppose money for registration, money in case of cancelation of the process. You can stop it if you decide to do so, and again it will be free of charge. 

As soon as all your debts have been paid off, you’ll be asked to pay off a certain percent. It should be noted that the percentage is not the same and varies from state to state (15% – 25%).  It is advisable to clear this information beforehand.  If the company fails to help you with your debts due to some circumstances, you won’t be obliged to pay for the service. 

Advantages and disadvantages of addressing to Americor to settle your debts

Before making a decision to address to Americor it is advisable to study all its pluses and minuses. We put them into a table to compare:

No fees for services until you’ll be pleased with the results (the debt will be settled);You can stop the process any time;You can monitor the process Online;Free of charge consultations. Can affect your credit;Can be some problems with web portal;The fess can be really high;Success is not guaranteed;Available only in 30 states;

N.B. Americor won’t be useful for you if:

* you are not ready to pay for the service;

* your debt is not outstanding, you can handle it by yourself. 

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