Payday Loans in Alaska AK: a mini guide for website users

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The nature of payday loans AK

The loan type can be described as a short termed. The amount that a borrower can take can differ from state to state. In some states the limit can be $100 or $300, in other cases – $500 or $1000.

How to choose payday loans online service?

You can do it Online. Just write in search engine the phrase ‘payday loans near me’ or ‘Alaska payday loan’ and you’ll see all the offers. There’s one more alternative. You can use mobile apps to find the service. The advantages of such system:

Why people choose payday loans in Alaska AK?

What unites all the reasons why people take payday loans is their unexpectedness. It’s impossible to be prepared for all hardships in your life. In many cases loans are taken to:

 Arguments for taking payday loans in Alaska AK via pdloans247

  1. No hidden costs;
  2. No third parties;
  3. Creditors with a good reputation;
  4. Bad credit score applications have good chances for approval;
  5. Soft credit check;
  6. Fast money the same day or the next business day.

What Pdloans247 can offer to you:

Payday loans in Alaska AK: basic rules

  1. The status in Alaska – legal.
  2. Term for pay off: from 14 to 31 days.
  3. Finance chargers: 15% out of advanced purchases.
  4. Renewal allowed: once.
  5. Cooling-off period: 14 days.
  6. The loan amount can vary from creditor to creditor. In the majority of cases the maximum loan amount is $300.
  7.  for $100 loan taken on 14 days, APR will be 521%.

For more details we advise you to visit an official website: The rules can be changed. Consult your creditor.

Payday loans in Alaska AK and Repayments

Repayments are considered to be small payments that are divided into small portions. The information is to be specified by your creditor as he or she determines the loan amount and scheme of its repayments.

How long it takes to receive your payday loans in AK

Just like in any other state where payday loans are legal it takes no more than one business day to get money transferred. An important remark – the next day after application approval shouldn’t be a weekend or holiday. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the business day.

Payday loans in Alaska AK: FAQs

What are the criteria for being approved in AK?

How many payday loans I can take at once in AK?

In Alaska it’s allowed to take only one loan at once.


Material Disclosure. The amounts of money that a borrower can take: from $100 to $1000 – cash advances, $5000 limit for installment loans, $35000 limit for consumer loans. The amounts vary from state to stay. For more details ask your loan provider.

Alison Bennett
Alison Bennett is a licensed Loan Officer working in PDLoans247 for over 3 years. She has been in the loan industry since 2004. Alison makes sure that all aspects of the client's collaboration with PDLoans247 are handled with the utmost professionalism and personal approach. She understands that the borrower needs to trust a loan officer fully when making a financial commitment, and she's doing her best to make it possible. Considering each client's interests, Alison assists them through the process without the hassle and offers the most favorable loan solutions. Expertise: Payday loans, Emergency loans, Mortgage
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Questions to the expert
Can I be approved if I have a bad credit score?

Alison Bennett
If you have a stable income you have chances for being approved even with a bad credit score. But you should realize that no one can guarantee the approval. It depends on creditor’s decision.

Can I get approval if I don’t an active banking account?

Alison Bennett
Unfortunately, no. Our creditors don’t give cheques or money in hands. One of the compulsory criteria for approval is to have a banking account.

What kind of check is implemented in AK?

Alison Bennett
To make a decision on lending our creditors use only soft credit checks.  They are faster and require less documentation.
Things to consider before taking payday loans in Alaska AK
Payday loans +
Fast money;
Soft credit check;
Less documentation;
Simple requirements for being approved;
Quick reply;
No need to leave your home for finding money;
A big number of offers;
A possibility to compare terms and conditions via mobile apps.
Payday loans -
Less attractive terms and conditions for bad credit score applications;
Possibility for denial;
Small loan amounts;
Not available in some states (check the list with restrictions).
These days it’s almost impossible to imagine our life without payday loans. It’s considered to be one of the most convenient ways to get fast money. Today it’s not a problem any more to find $100, $200, $300, $500, $1000. Paydayloans247 tenders its services to those who happened to be in a financial hardship. Our services presuppose matching debtors with proven creditors. 

Payday Loans in Alaska AK: a mini guide for website users: How to get your loan in four easy steps


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For what occasions can 24 hour loans be used?

Auto Repair 🚗
Debt Consolidation 💵
Emergency Situation 🚨
Home Improvement 🪚
Moving 🛣
Others 🎊
Credit Implications. By sending a request a borrower automatically allows verification of his or her documents presented. Non-payment may result in collection activities.
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APR Disclosure. 6,63% – 225% for installment loans, 4,99% – 250% for consumer loans, from 200% to 1386% for cash advances (limited APR). If APR has no limits, it can be higher. Ask your loan supplier for more details.