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Such opportunity is given to families with dependent children. To be given such a priority the family should comply with certain criteria. The most important of them is to earn less than certain income limit. Such notion has a demonstrable effect on child poverty. According to statistics thanks to child tax credit in 2016 approximately 3 million kids have been lifted out of poverty. By 2021 the child poverty index was decreased by 26%.  And if everybody who needs such tax will apply for child tax credit, the index of child poverty can be decreased by 40%. 

Child tax credit 2023: whom it concerns

The official data placed at  states that there has been made an uprising in child tax credit up to $3000 for families with kids whose age is 6+. In families where the age of kids is under six the uprising is up to $3600. The age of children which allows to get the child credit tax has also been changed from 16 to 17. The decision relates working families whose income is up to $150000 and $12250 in families with a single parent. 

Child tax credit 2023: criteria to qualify

To start with, a person who wants to apply for child tax credit should be a parent or a foster parent. 

What are the criteria for a child so that he or she can seek for the right? Here’s the list for you to comply with:

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Child tax credit 2023: how to calculate

To calculate child tax credit one should fill in the following fields in online formula: 

  1. Status (single/married/head of household).
  2. Estimated AGI 2022 .
  3. Number of dependents and their age. 

You can follow the link and calculate your child tax credit. 

Child Tax Credit 2023: FAQs

Why Does My Child Not Qualify for the Child Tax Credit?

What disqualifies you from child tax credit:

  1. He/she/they are not U.S. citizen(s). They can live in America for a long time, but if they don’t have an official status of resident there are no chances. 
  2. Your child/ children fail to meet the age limit. 
  3. Before application everyone can check his or her right through eligibility assistance page Find the section in which there will be given exclusions.   If your child lived less than 6 months on the territory of U.S. you will be denied. 
  4. Your income shouldn’t excess certain limits (working families whose income is up to $150000 and $12250 in families with a single parent). 

Do disabled dependents get child tax credit?

There are no specific credits for such category of population. But there’s one loophole. You can be eligible to claim for dependency exemptions for families in which there are members with disabilities. If you have a kid or a relative physically challenged so they can go through special testing to qualify for the status of dependent. For more details ask for the professional consultation and clear out if it’s possible in a state you live. 

Child tax credit for pregnant moms 2023: is it real?

According to the changes in legislation pregnant women were enabled to qualify for a child tax credit. 

What information is needed to sign up for monthly child tax credit?

The following information is to be presented:

  1. SSN of your child/ children + your SSN + your spouse’s ;
  2. E-mail to contact you;
  3. Your banking account information (on condition that you’d like to receive money via direct deposit).  

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